Vegetarianism is a form of privilege as has been stated elsewhere in this thread. Everyone eats and if you have no money, you will eat whatever you can afford. In any case, I am not sure why vegetarians do not fight for (or raise money to discover) ways to implement more ethical factory farming as opposed to telling… » 10/27/09 12:55pm 10/27/09 12:55pm

As usual I agree with Sadie on some but not on all. Rachel Bilson should be in the bad—the dress was ill fitting and made her boobs look saggy which boggles the mind since she is so little and the hair was too Morticia Adams. Blake Lively should be in the good, I thought she looked sexy in a good way. Ditto for J.… » 5/05/09 12:33pm 5/05/09 12:33pm